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Version 1.29.1

Published on 15th November 2023


From IBI-aws version 1.30, 32-bit operating systems will no longer be supported.



  • When cleaning up the mobile devices registered via e-mail, the number of devices to be deleted is now displayed


  • Command line interface: If an old version of an exported template was used to create a message for mobile devices, the category restrictions were not applied
  • IBI-aws MobileClients were repeatedly notified about messages
  • When changes were made in another IBI-aws Admin instance, the publication location overview was not updated
  • The Data.xml last change timestamp was not updated
  • In certain situations a URL's percentage characters were written incorrectly to the message file
  • Old Data.xml backups have not been removed
  • If a copied message was edited, it was incorrectly marked as being edited in the meantime

  • Under certain circumstances, newly opened windows were positioned incorrectly



  • Determination of trusted domains optimized


  • The setting "Consider trusted domains" from the message file was not processed correctly
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