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Version 1.29

Published on 31st October 2023


From IBI-aws version 1.30, 32-bit operating systems will no longer be supported.



  • Simultaneous use of IBI-aws Admin
  • Default template
  • Templates for mobile client message groups
  • Content type for categorization and visual differentiation of the messages
  • Date variables

  • Microsoft Teams integration

  • Easy cleanup of IBI-aws MobileClient e-mail registrations
  • Countdown and display duration adjustable per message
  • Command line interface extension
    • Added "/waitifblocked" argument
    • Added "/publish" action
    • Added "/archive" action
  • Multitenancy improved
  • Possibility to delete a message group for mobile clients only locally
  • A Static message can be displayed permanently
  • When converting messages to messages for mobile clients (or vice versa), a window for editing the restrictions is displayed.
  • When copying a message for mobile clients to another message group, a window for editing the restrictions is displayed
  • The sorting of all lists is saved
  • Save last selection in navigation trees
  • Icon for pool groups to see if it is empty


  • The message option "Close message after expiration automatically" is now selected by default
  • Improved publishing overview when e-mail sending was canceled
  • Attributes: Preview optimized for Azure attributes
  • Templates can now also be dragged and dropped onto a message group
  • Template icon modified
  • Language and timezone are now shown in the e-mail address details 
  • Suggestions of keywords before entering a character
  • Static message: Checkbox "Show message only once per application" disabled for KillType level greater than 1
  • No preselection for start time when adding a resolve message
  • Window title: Default value of comparison operation changed to "contains"
  • Window for application details made scalable
  • Deletion of pool entries improved
  • Process: Title "Path" changed to "Process path"
  • External Recipients window: Made the lower area scalable 
  • Old backups of the Data.xml are deleted automatically


  • Message tags were not taken over during an update
  • Message group overview: Size of the icon column in the list of publication locations could be changed
  • Creating an XML template from a message with directory service restrictions did not work



  • All texts and icons can be customized via skin
  • Support for date variables
  • Support for content type
  • Read local client IP address of a VMware ThinClient
  • Start parameter "/processScanOffset" introduced
  • Start parameter "/optimizeForScreenReaders" introduced
  • Improve support for different resolutions for multiple monitors


  • Process paths are now only loaded by affected processes


  • Content of lables was not always drawn correctly
  • Impact data was not sent after an error until a new message was shown
  • Processes were checked until a application-specific resolved message expired
  • Default language was selected in the message, although suitable language was available



  • Individual grouping options
  • Support for date variables
  • Support for content type
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