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IBI-aws Client and IBI-aws Admin are stored on a central share and started from there.

What is required?

System requirements

To be able to use IBI-aws, the system requirements must be observed.

Central Share

A central share is required, that is accessible to all clients on which messages are to be displayed. This share must be able to handle continuous queries made by the clients.

Automatic IBI-aws Client start

The IBI-aws Client must be executed automatically when the users logs in, thereby certain start parameters can be passed. This can be realized via a login script, via GroupPolicy or via an autostart group.

IBI-aws installation package

The installation package (Zip archive) contains a "Ready to use" folder structure. The latest version can be downloaded in the IBI-aws customer area. A conventional installation via setup is not required.


Unpack installation package

Unpack the installation package, which contains the "Ready to use" folder structure, at any place on the central share (<Installation Location>).

The UNC-path of the <Installation Location> could look like this:


Please observe the information about Windows security

Assign permissions on the central share

The following permissions should be set in the subfolders of the <Installation Location>:



(and all subfolders)

Read- and Write-Permissions for all users who may create IBI-aws messages.

(and all subfolders)

Read- and Execution-Permission for all users who should receive IBI-aws messages.


If problems occur that should be logged by the IBI-aws Client, all users that receive the IBI-aws messages should get Write-Permission in this subfolder.

The following illustration provides an overview of the recommended folder structure and the recommended permissions for the IBI-aws folders on a central shared folder which all IBI-aws users can access.

Automatic IBI-aws Client start

After the required applications are available on the central share, the login script (or similar) can be set up. If necessary the behaviour of the IBI-aws Client can be adjusted by specifying start parameters.

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