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A message can be composed in different languages to improve the information quality in an international environment.

Default Language

Each message is created in a default language which is not assigned to any real language. Therefore it will allow you to choose your language to create a text. It has been designed to avoid additional effort in the creation of messages that only provide one language. The input mask remains the same as in any previous IBI-aws version.

Add Language

You can add any number of additional languages to your message. Just follow the steps listed below to add a new message.

  1. Click 
     or the text next to the symbol to open the language menu.
  2. Click Add Language...
  3. Selected a language.
  4. Enter the text in the selected language.

Please note that every text has to be translated. This will involve ReasonMessage and Early Warnings (where applicable).

Enter Text

You can select between two different options to insert the text. You can either write within the text fields or use the new Language Editor. The editor is particularly helpful for longer messages. It can display any existing text of an other language simultanously to you new translation.

After a new language has been added a new link will appear next to the text fields Reason and Message. They will launch the Language Editor.

  1. Open the Language Editor by clicking on the corresponging link next to the text field.
  2. On the left side you can view the text of an arbitrary existing language (usually default language).
  3. On the right side you can select the target language to transcribe the text.
  4. Click Ok to accept modifications.

Remove Language

  1. Select the language you want to remove.
  2. Click 
     to open the language menu.
  3. Click Remove Language.

How the languages appear in the IBI-aws Client

If an additional language has been deposited the IBI-aws Client will provide the option of switching between the languages available from which the user may then select the appropriate language. If texts in the users language (determined through the country setting of the computer) are deposited they will be displayed straight away.

If necessary, the RemarkLanguage start parameter allows to specify in which language a message should be displayed by default. The start parameter SkinLanguage has the same effect for the default language of the user interface.

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