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Available from version1.25.0

/argument "2020-01-15T12:{minute}"


Represents the current minute.

Modify value

By using a modifier the value can be edited additionally:

{minute[+-][Value in minutes]}


CallVariable valueArgument valueCalculationArgument value after calculationDescription
/argument "2020-01-15T12:{minute}"
0015.01.2020 12:00-15.01.2020 12:00The current minute
/argument "2020-01-15T12:{minute+75}"
0015.01.2020 12:00+ 75 minutes15.01.2020 13:1575 minutes are added to the total argument value
/argument "2020-01-15T12:{minute-75}"
0015.01.2020 12:00- 75 minutes15.01.2020 10:4575 minutes are deducted from the total argument value
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