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Maintain message group

Creating a message group

The action Add new message group is used to create a new message group. This action appears in the Actions panel when Message Groups is selected in the Navigation panel. This menu item can also be accessed by right clicking in the central Message Groups area.

Then click For desktop clients.

The message groups dialog box that opens is divided into GeneralPublishing locations, and IBI-aws Client properties.

Edit/delete message group

A message group can be edited or deleted at any time. To do this, select the message group to be edited or deleted from the navigation panel, then edit or delete by selecting the appropriate Action.

Be careful when deleting

Before deleting a message group, be sure that no IBI-aws Clients are assigned to a message file in this group, as they will no longer be able to receive messages from it.

Use caution when editing

If a message group is edited and this results in a change to its publishing location, make sure that all IBI-aws Clients that depend on this message group are reconfigured accordingly.

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