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IBI-aws Client settings

The behavior of IBI-aws Clients belonging to the message group can be changed in the IBI-aws Client properties tab.

Data Tansfer

Synchronisation interval

In this interval every IBI-aws Client will check the data at the publishing place for any changes and will synchronize the database if necessary.


Fullscreen - Countdown

A fullscreen message will be accompanied by a countdown when displayed which keeps the user from closing it accidently. As soon as the countdown has finished the button for closing the message will be unblocked. With this setting you can edit the duration of the countdown.

Insertion - Display duration

When a message appears a Insertion a little window will appear at the lower right corner of the screen. The default setting will make it disappear after 7 seconds. If you wish to prolong or shorten the duration of the display you can use this setting to do so. Activate Permanent if you want the window to remain visible on the screen unless the user clicks on it.


Enable print view 

By enabling this property, IBI-aws Clients will show up an additional button »show print view« within the message window. This will allow users to print messages. 

Presentation mode

If this setting is activated the IBI-aws Client will display every message in silent mode in case a presentation is performed. Thus no message will interrupt the presentation. The IBI-aws Client can identify presentations performed with Microsoft Office PowerPoint®OpenOffice Impress or LibreOffice Impress.

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