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The IBI-aws Client is distributed locally to each PC that is supposed to display IBI-aws messages, e.g. via a software distribution.... All locally stored IBI-aws Client instances need access to a centrally stored message file.

What is required?

System requirements

To be able to use IBI-aws, the system requirements must be observed.

IBI-aws installation package

The installation package (Zip archive) contains a "Ready to use" folder structure. The latest version can be downloaded in the IBI-aws customer area. A conventional installation via setup is not required.

Software distribution

A way to distribute the IBI-aws Client locally to the users' PCs is needed, e.g. a software distribution.


Unpack installation package

Unpack the installation package, which contains the "Ready to use" folder structure, at any place on the central share.


Please observe the information about Windows security

Prepare required files for distribution

For the local execution of the IBI-aws Client the following files are needed:

FileFile nameDescription
IBI-aws application
IBI-aws a custom skin exists, it should be distributed locally so that it is always available when starting the IBI-aws Client

Automatic IBI-aws Client start

After distributing the IBI-aws client, its start can be set up, for example via a login script.

When starting a local IBI-aws client, the start parameter Remarks must be specified. If errors that occur should be logged at a central location, the ErrorLogPath start parameter must also be specified.

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