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The Extended tab contains various settings and information about the message.


Determines whether the message is active. When the message is active it will be taken into account when publishing. When it is inactive, it will not be taken into account while publishing.

Include in web output

Determines if the message will be included in the web output when publishing.


This value specifies where the message comes from. It can be one of the following values.

  • Template ID
  • Path to the XML template

External ID

This value can be used to address the message via the command line interface.


Tags can be used to further categorize the messages in your own implementation of the WebClient and, if necessary, to design them accordingly.

In addition, the tags are taken into account when searching in the message list, so that the search result can be optimized.

In order to design tags as uniformly as possible, all existing tags are suggested when adding them.

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