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Datetime variables

Messages may contain variables. These variables are processed by the respective clients and the corresponding date value is displayed.

The variable additionally offers the possibility to edit the original value via modifiers.

Date value

Specifies by which time the variable should be replaced.


The modifiers for year, month, day, hour and minute define if and how these values should be modified.

Dynamic value

In case of a dynamic value, the selected modifier is added or subtracted to the respective date part of the previously specified date value.


Date value Date partModifierResult

01.07.2022 12:30

Month-101.06.2022 12:30
01.07.2022 12:30Month101.08.2022 12:30
01.12.2022 12:30Month101.01.2023 12:30

Fixed value

In case of a fixed value, the respective date part is applied to the selected modifier.


Date valueDate partModifierResult
01.07.2022 12:30Month101.01.2022 12:30
01.07.2022 12:30Month1201.12.2022 12:30

End of month [Available for day only]

Since not all months have a uniform number of days, there is an additional setting option for the days at the end of the month, with which the desired day can be specified.


Date valueDate partModifierResult
01.07.2022 12:30DayLast day of the month31.07.2022 12:30
01.02.2022 12:30DayLast day of the month28.02.2022 12:30
01.07.2022 12:30DaySecond last day of the month30.07.2022 12:30
01.02.2022 12:30DaySecond last day of the month27.02.2022 12:30
01.07.2022 12:30DayThird last day of the month29.07.2022 12:30
01.02.2022 12:30DayThird last day of the month26.02.2022 12:30

Modifier processing

The modifiers of a variable are evaluated as follows: 

  1. Replacing the variable value with the specified value (without calculation).
  2. Applying the calculation in the following order
    1. Calculation for the year
    2. Calculation for the month
    3. Calculation for the day
    4. Calculation for the hour
    5. Calculation for the minute


Specifies how the date should be displayed.


The preview serves as an example of how the settings made behave to obtain the desired result.

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