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Create message via shortcut

Create templates in the IBI-aws Admin

In order to be able to create a message by clicking on a shortcut, a corresponding template is required in the IBI-aws Admin.

Create CMD script

To be able to create and resolve the message with one click each, a shortcut is needed for each of these two actions.

In order to be able to specify the required arguments for calling the command line interface, a CMD script is created first.

CMD script


set messageGroupId=<Message group ID>
set templateId=<Template ID>
set externalId=<Custom ID to resolve the message later>
set path=<Path to the IBI-aws Admin>
set shouldResolve="%1"
if %shouldResolve% == "0" (
start "" "%path%" /action "createifnotexisting" /mode "silent" /remarkGroupId "%messageGroupId%" /templateId "%templateId%" /startTime "{Now-1}" /externalId "%externalId%" /publish "true" /waitIfBlocked
) else %shouldResolve% == "1" (
start "" "%path%" /action "resolve" /mode "silent" /remarkGroupId "%messageGroupId%" /externalId "%externalId%" /publish "true" /waitIfBlocked

Some data have to be adjusted in the process:

  • <Message group ID>
  • <Template ID>
  • <Custom ID to resolve the message later>
  • <Path to the IBI-aws Admin>

If these values are replaced, this part should look something like this:

Specifying values in the CMD script


set messageGroupId=d0d999cb-8aa9-4b40-ab12-6fd0c31cf6c6
set templateId=RT-123456
set externalId=cli-sample--external-id
set path=%~dp0\Admin\

Create shortcut

The shortcuts should each call the CMD script.


<Path to the CMD script> 0


<Path to the CMD script> 1

Test shortcuts

By double-clicking on the start shortcut, the appropriate message should be displayed after the set synchronization interval.

By double-clicking on the resolve shortcut, a corresponding resolve message should be displayed.

Deploy shortcuts


The users who should be able to use the shortcuts must be authorized to use the IBI-aws Admin (see Installation and updates)

In order for the shortcuts to be used, they may still have to be made available. This can be done, for example, on a share or via software distribution to authorized computers.

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