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Directory services

Per default IBI-aws uses the domain's default directory service for all directory service restrictions. In certain cases is this not enough. Therefore, directory services to be used can be specified here.

Currently the following directory services are supported: 

  • Microsoft Active Directory (Windows- default directory service)
  • Microsoft Azure Active Directory
  • Novell eDirectory

Please note

If a directory service is defined the domain's default directory service will not be used anymore. Exisiting restrictions will continue to work but it is not possible to add new restrictions. Should the default direcotry service be accessible a corresponding entry must be added.

IBI-aws Client default directory service settings

This setting only affects Active Directory directory services.

Consider trusted domains

If this setting is active, the IBI-aws Client additionally considers all trusted domains of the default directory service when determining the group memberships. (Default Not active)


If this setting is active, the connection to the default directory service is encrypted using SSL. (Default: Active)

Consider client certificates when establishing a connection

If this setting is active, client certificates are taken into account during connection setup if required. (Default: Active)

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