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Version 1.28

Published on 16th May 2022



  • .NET Framework upgraded to version 4.8
  • Support for Microsoft Azure Active Directory
  • Support for certificate-based encryption


  • Message group for desktop clients: Content layout in the tab "IBI-aws Client Properties" adjusted
  • FTPS: When publishing, the operating system selects the appropriate SSL/TLS protocol


  • In the message search, the stored directory service attributes were not taken into account

  • Directory service objects import: If directory service objects were imported multiple times, this could lead to an error under certain circumstances

  • When sending e-mails, new recipients were not automatically selected

  • Command line interface: If a message was created in "FullUI" mode and published directly via "Save + Publish", message dialog was displayed again afterwards

  • Templates: If only the settings "Apply to Web Output", "Tags" or "External ID" were changed, the changes were not applied



  • Support for Microsoft Azure Active Directory
  • Support for certificate-based encryption
  • Start parameter "AcceptEncryptedDataOnly" added
  • Start parameter "CertificateSource" added


  • Citrix: Performance improved when going through processes



  • View "Tiles": CSS classes added for grouping headers
  • An error page is displayed if the WebClient is opened in an unsupported browser
  • Added new setting "reloadPageOnFocus" which specifies whether the WebClient should automatically reload when getting the focus


  • The validity period is displayed with "Today", "Yesterday" and "Tomorrow"
  • The loading text when opening the WebClient was removed
  • View "Compact list": The list uses the available width


  • Under certain circumstances new messages were not displayed due to the cache
  • If the WebClient display languages were restricted, some texts were still displayed in other languages under certain circumstances
  • View "Compact list": The CSS classes for identification were not set correctly
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