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Version 1.27

Published on 24th January 2022



  • Proxy settings
  • Message archive
  • Message group: Setting for the reason length
  • Message for Desktop clients: Registry restrictions
  • Message: Warning when saving an unrestricted message
  • Message: Tags
  • Registry Pool
  • Total number of devices in the device list
  • Publishing location: Add a setting for web publishing locations whether to publish the message tags


  • E-mail dispatch: Improved message pre-selection

  • E-mail dispatch: Sortable columns

  • E-mail dispatch: Added column "Last modified"

  • E-mail dispatch: Show number of recipients in the corresponding column

  • Shift start time: Date is set to current time by default

  • Message group: Moved web output settings to the new tab "Message settings"

  • E-mail Pool: When deleting an entry, the references are automatically deleted

  • Pool browser: Added "Add web application" option

  • Splashscreen modernized

  • Excel export: Only the currently selected message list such as "Messages", "Active" or "Upcoming" is exported

  • Optimizations for Windows 11


  • When modifying an attribute group used as a global exclusion, the message group was not marked with the "Unpublished changes" icon

  • When deleting an attribute group, it is not removed from the global exclusions

  • The "Unpublished changes" icon may not have been removed when publishing a message group for mobile devices

  • When deleting pool entries, these are not removed from the removed messages

  • If the "Select existing text" function was used when creating a message from a template, an error could occur

  • If a message was restored from "Removed", the impact could not be updated

  • The fields for start and end time were sometimes too small for the date format used

  • Sometimes the wrong date format was used

  • Command line interface: In the "Resolve" action, an error could occur under certain circumstances when saving a message

  • Command line interface: In the "CreateIfNotExisting" action, the message end time was taken into account instead of the resolve message start time when checking whether there was an active message

  • Domain list: Errors could not be opened

  • XML template: XML characters like "<" inside a text caused an error




  • The character "&" was not displayed correctly in the license name
  • Animation type "Fade in" did not work
  • Placeholders for "Today", "Tomorrow", etc. were not updated after the end of the day



  • CSS classes based on the message tags
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