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Version 1.24.3


From IBI-aws MobileClient version 1.13, Windows 10 Mobile will no longer be supported. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please refer to the Microsoft End of support for the operating system mentioned.

Published on 11th September 2020



  • Signature certificate renewed and switched to EV version
  • Message dialog: The checkbox "Show message only once per application" is disabled if the setting "Limit usage" is set to "Step II" or higher


  • The directory service attributes to be determined may have been written to the remark file several times
  • E-mail dialog: The difference to the message start time was handled incorrectly for status updates



  • Signature certificate renewed and switched to EV version
  • URL detection: Resource consumption reduced
  • Active Directory: User and computer objects are now determined more independently of each other
  • Active Directory: A message will be considered only, if all exclusions can be validated


  • Messages with directory service restrictions may have been processed incorrectly
  • Chrome: URL detection may not work under Windows 7



  • Expired messages may not have been displayed in the table view
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