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Version 1.19

Published on 05th May 2017


 From IBI-aws Version 1.20, Windows XP and Vista will no longer be supported. We are sorry for the inconvenience and refer to the Microsoft end of support for the mentioned operating systems.



  • Messages for mobile clients can be restricted with categories
  • Publish to a WebDAV path
  • Sending a notification to mobile clients can be skipped when publishing
  • A script can be executed before and / or after publication, if necessary
  • IBI-aws MobileClient licence support


  • Mobile clients are only notified after publishing when modifications exist


  • FTP location dialog: Obfuscate data property has not been loaded correctly
  • Add template dialog: Added missing translation
  • Various dialogs could not be closed using the Escape key
  • Message for mobile clients: Removing the last status update entry caused an error



  • New start parameter /DisableFullscreenAppearance


  • Processing of the TextAlignment setting from the skin file corrected
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