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Version 1.15

Published on 18th November 2014



  • Actions panel: A scrollbar will be displayed when not all entries are visible.
  • Application can now be used with a mandatory profile.


  • Port to .NET Framework 4.0/4.5 (Please take note of the update instruction)
  • Attribute dialog extended.


  • The early warning start time has been adjusted in the corresponding template when a message was created from it.
  • Spelling mistakes corrected.
  • eDirectory: Directory service browser didn't display any results.
  • eDirectory: Importing objects by name and first name.
  • Attribute dialog: eDirectory attribute preview didn't display any results when the result limit was reached.



  • Internet Explorer support extended: The application' window caption filter also observes the domain URL entered in the address field.


  • Window caption/processes: The match type "ends with" did not work correctly when the checked content was equal to the template.
  • Problem related to daylight-saving time change fixed.
  • Windows XP: Under certain circumstances the application crashed when an insertion has been displayed.
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