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Detailed functionality


IBITECH provides a web service to determine the impact of a message. This is developed, hosted and supported by IBITECH.

Key data

  • Web service communication ( via HTTPS (port 443)
    • Encryption: TLS, AES-256
  • Only outgoing connections (one-way-communication)
  • No personal data (hashed values only)


IBI-aws Client / IBI-aws MobileClient

Collected data

The confirmations transmitted to the web service contain the following values:

  • Hash from user name and message ID (in IBI-aws MobileClient from registration ID and message ID)
  • Customer ID hash
  • Message ID (GUID)
  • Fragment type
  • Fragment ID (for early warnings and status updates)
  • Confirmation level (affected, display or read)
  • Timestamp (affected, displayed or read time)

The confirmations incl. the transmission status are stored locally on the device. This data is read out and checked each time the application is started. If confirmations that have not yet been transmitted exist, they will be transmitted.


The IBI-aws Client transmits the collected impact information after the specified synchronization interval has elapsed, unless this interval has already been used to load the message file.

The IBI-aws MobileClient transmits the collected information (cummulated) after the respective event (Affected, Displayed or Read).

IBI-aws Admin

Using the IBI-aws Admin feature Refresh impact a request is sent to the web service with the selected message IDs.

In response, only the number of confirmations per confirmation level per message is delivered.

No one outside the customer network, also not IBITECH, knows at any time who has which status to a message fragment. Only the number of users to the respective confirmation level can be determined.

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