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Central data source

In order for the messages created with the IBI-aws Admin to reach the IBI-aws Clients, a central location is required for the exchange of the data. For the exchange a file (message file) is used.

The message file needed for data exchange can be provided in the ways described below.

File Share

If you decide to use a file share as a central storage location for the message file, you will need a directory (e.g. client), which will later serve as a publishing location for the IBI-aws Admin and as a source of information for published IBI-aws messages for the IBI-aws Clients.

The following permissions have to be assigned:

Assigned for all users who are to receive IBI-aws messages
Assigned for all IBI-aws Admin users to be able to publish messages
(Optional) If you want to log problems that occur in the IBI-aws Client, all users that get IBI-aws messages need write permission in this directory


  • The webserver must be able to handle the expected number of IBI-aws MobileClient users
    • It must be expected that many IBI-aws Client users will access the webserver within a short time after a publication
  • IBI-aws Clients must be able to read the message file via HTTP/S GET
  • IBI-aws Clients must be able to read the message file via HTTP/S HEAD
  • The IBI-aws Admin must be able to write the message file via WebDAV, FTP or file path on the webserver
  • The webserver must provide a trustworthy certificate when using HTTPS
  • The following MIME type might have to be added
    • File name extension: .ibi
    • MIME type: text/xml
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