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Adjusting the print view

A message can be viewed in print view so that users can print a message if necessary.

To create a printable view of a message, we use open formats such as HTML, CSS, and XSL. This makes it possible to adjust the print view of a message individually.

A printable view of a message is created as followed:

  1. The message data is transfered to an HTML file using an XSL style sheet.
  2. Then a CSS style sheet file is been set up to determine the look of the HTML elements.
  3. After that the created HTML file is displayed using an internet browser. (Note that the HTML file must always be opened with an application having the file extension .html.)

IBI-aws lets you adjust or completely replace the current XSL style sheet (via the file PrintView.xsl) or CSS style sheet (via the file PrintView.css). For this purpose, the adjusted files are saved in the PrintView folder. The default location of the PrintView folder must be on the same level as the application file. An alternate storage location can be specified with start parameter /PrintViewFolder.

Image files (with the file extensions .png, .gif, or .jpg), style sheet files (.css, .xsl), or HTML files (.html) can be stored in the PrintView folder. The entry point for this is the style sheet file PrintView.xsl. In this file the HTML page is defined that can refer to CSS style sheets, images, or other HTML files.

If you want to adjust print view, we will be happy to provide you the XSL and CSS style sheets you need. Simply contact us. 

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