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Add Azure Active Directory

Per default IBI-aws uses the domain's default directory service for all directory service restrictions. In certain cases is this not enough. Therefore, directory services to be used can be specified here.


A name for the specified Microsoft Azure Active Directory. This name is only used within the IBI-aws Admin for identification purposes.

Tenant ID

The tenant ID from the Azure portal.

Application ID

The application ID automatically generated during application registration in the Azure portal.


To make client authentication as easy as possible, you can generate or import a certificate. The certificate marked as "active" is used for authentication. The public key of a generated certificate must be deposited in the Azure Portal before it can be used.


The optional note can be used to describe the directory service in more detail. This information is only displayed in the IBI-aws Admin.

Test connection

This button offers the possibility to test the connection to the directory service with the entered settings.

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