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Version 1.20

Published on 24th November 2017


With this version, Windows XP and Vista are no longer supported. We are sorry for the inconvenience and refer to the Microsoft end of support for the mentioned operating systems.



  • IBI-aws WebClient
  • Publishing locations: New output format Web (JavaScript file)
  • Publishing locations: Added example paths as placeholders
  • Message for mobile clients: Domain restrictions
  • Message dialog: Show/hide tabs with shortcuts
  • WebDAV: Pass-through authentication 
  • Messages can be copied/moved between different message group types
  • Copy the message group ID to the clipboard
  • Added global shortcuts
  • Excel-Export: Added columns Created byCreated at, Modified by and Modified at


  • Passwords: Prevention to read out already saved passwords from the corresponding text field
  • Directory service browser: Categories can be filtered using the appropriate icons
  • Search boxes unified
  • Improved warning if no write access to the Data.xml is present at startup 
  • Message group for mobile clients: Device list extended by columns App version and Last activity


  • Category: Column notice was not filled correctly
  • Application pool: No change detection if process or window caption is changed



  • Directory services: Considering computer group memberships
  • URL detection: Added support for Goolge Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla FireFox


  • Translations improved
  • URL detection: Removed domain part restriction 



  • First release
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