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Automatic update check

The IBI-aws Admin checks on startup whether a new IBI-aws version is available. If a new version is available, the user will be informed with a subtle information in the information area. This feature does not install the update automatically, it only displays the relevant information. 

Show update details

If an update information is being displayed in the information area, additional details can be retrieved by clicking on the Show link. 

  • Current version
    This version is currently used.
  • New version
    This is the latest version of IBI-aws, which can be downloaded now.
  • Warning (optional) 

    This symbol will be shown if the new update fixes critical issues. We recommend to install the updates, which are highlighted with this symbol, as soon as possible.
  • Release notes
    This link will forward you to the release notes with the new features and changes therein on the IBI-aws website.
  • Additional information (optional)
    This link (if available) will guide you to further information on the IBI-aws website concerning the new IBI-aws version
  • Download
    The button Download takes you to the customer area on the IBI-aws website.

Disable automatic update check

 You have the option to disable the automatic update check in the settings. Proceed as follows: 

  1. File -> Settings...
  2. Uncheck Check for updates automatically in the General tab.
  3. Confirm with OK.

Start manual check

It is always possible to start the update check manually. To do this select the menu item ? and then the submenu item Check for Updates...

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